Tasting Notes // Ron Esclavo 12yr

Tasting Notes // Ron Esclavo 12yr

The drop.

This 12 year tropically aged rum is created from sugar cane juice and molasses.

This drop rediscovers warm aromas, bringing tastes of warm pies, fruitcakes and pudding straight to the taste buds to warm the soul. The perfect accompaniment for any adventure, especially from the staggering views of the Heaphy track!

The adventure.

Here at Rum Runners we love adventure! And, what we love even more, is hearing our customer's adventures! That's why, when loyal customer, Sam, shared his story with us, we had to share it with you!

It's a tale of one of New Zealand’s greatest walks, the Heaphy track accompanied by the Ron Escalavo 12 year. 

When setting out on one of New Zealand’s great walks, a fine spirit is an interesting (but necessary) choice to pack in your luggage. 

And, in true authentic form, the bottle must be kept in it original packaging right?

Logically, is taking a 700ml bottle in your luggage necessary? 

Is the added weight worth the drop?

Will you have the bottle in-tact from start to finish (albeit a little emptier) ?

The answer? YES... and Blair can agree!

"Ron Esclavo 12yr Islay whiskey finish was recommended to accompany us on our journey. It didn't disappoint and provided interesting and delightful surprises at the end of each day as we reached the hut, removed our boots and settled down for our end of day tipple.

As we climbed up to the alpine tundra of Perry saddle and the Gouland Downs the Islay finish came smoothly to the palate and dominated proceedings. 40km later as we dropped down into the subtropical microclimate of the northern west coast the hand-squeezed sugar cane and molasses regained their rightful status creeping up the glass to saturate our senses with just a hint of the Islay touching the nose to remind us of the highlands and the sweet memories of the trail we had covered."

"The Heaphy Track shall forever be remembered as an amazing experience made all the more special with a Rum that was almost crafted with this particular adventure in mind. Thanks to Rum Runners for searching the planet for specialty rums that may never have been discovered and bringing them to our shore’s."

Our mission here at Rum Runners is to provide you with the perfect adventure companion, whether it's from the sights of your favourite hike or from the comfort of your own home. Our selection of Rums come from all corners of the world, delivering you the best, exquisite drops straight to you. 

Send us your tales from your adventures with us here at Rum Runners to feature on our blog – Email your story to bruce@rumrunners.co.nz



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