The Rum Manifesto

We're a small company with a big purpose. "We're on a mission to drink better rum" and we want you to join us. 

This is our Manifesto.

The Rum.

Rum is everywhere, but the real rum, the proper rum is hard to find. We want rum with history, some character and want to hear its story.  We are going beyond the small, standard selection in your local bottle shop. We're on a journey to find the real rum. The rum with real character, we want you to experience it and hear its story. 

Rum. Its meant to be shared. Its a social drink.  But us Kiwis, we only know it for its lesser qualities. We mix it, mainly with coke. And that's all we've done. And the big distributors market this. Mass produced, catering to the average..... But what's average? We're not.... Are you?  We want Rum, or Rhum or Ron. With real taste. And real character. We want to explore rum, real rum. Rum made by passionate makers from places you've never heard of... from the corners of the globe. That's where we come in. 

The Run. Rum is an adventure. And we're all about adventure.  And we're committed to finding a drop for you, for your next adventure. Whether it be for sharing around a campfire, or for just playing crib on a yacht at anchor. Wherever your next adventure takes you, take one of our rums' with you. It wont give you any special powers. But it will give you something to enjoy, something to look forward to, at the end of an eventful day. Rum. Its an adventure. Its a bit of hardship, a bit of camaraderie, and a story or two..... and that's us. We are Rum Runners Rum, for the road less travelled

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