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Compagnie Des Indes Experience

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Tasting Selection of rums from Compagnie Des Indes

CDI do a range of regional blends highlighting a regions specific style of rum.






The Tricorne is a blend of cane juice rum from Reunion Island, Molasses based rum from the Caribbean, and an addition of Batavia Arrack from Indonesia. Arrack is produced from cane sugar, and uses red rice in the fermentation prior to being distilling. May be sipped and enjoyed for its earthy notes of cane sugar and grass. Or enjoyed in a simple cocktail where the flavours are not over powered by other ingredients. We are thinking a simple Daiquiri, 

Caraibes is an introductory sipper, hint of sweetness. To step into enjoying good rums without the heavy bold flavours one would correspond with sipping rum neat, very light and enjoyable way to step into sipping rums.

Latino is a Latin American blend very similar to the Caraibe, a bit more flavourful, but needs a touch of water to enhance the flavours, or just enjoy on its own.

Spiced. A french style of spices are infused in the rum barrels and then after two weeks are macerated and used to colour the final rum. The flavours here are of christmas fruit cake. Vibrant citrus peel, ginger, pepper and cardamon. And also a spiced rum that isn't sweetened. Very able to sip and enjoy on its own. Or mix with a light soda to retain the spiced notes. Or enhance grandmas Christmas cake with a light spritzing.


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