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Companero Extra Anejo -Cacao Finish

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Chocolate in a bottle. Very unusual. Very unique.

This 12 year rum is aged in ex bourbon barrels and then prior to bottling finished in cacao seasoned casks. Making this offering from Companero quite out there.

The intense chocolate flavour profile combined with a smooth taste, a heightened alcohol finish of 54% and no sweetening. Creating a truly unique rum.

This is not a liqueur but will elevate any chocolate or coffee style cocktails (Make those Espresso 'Rumtinis' really shine...).

This Companero Extra Anejo rum is extremely versatile, It will tandem in harmony with any cocktail utilising coffee, cream or chocolate. 

Or sip on its its own with a touch of water or ice and mint leaves.

If you can bring the imagination, this versatile rum will surely elevate it. 

A very unique experience

700ml, 54 %

Over Proof

  • iconDistillation: Column Still
  • iconThis Rum is Best For: Cocktails / Sipping
  • iconFrom: Panama
  • iconRum Colour: Golden
  • iconCost: $

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