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Mezan Chiriqui 3 year Moscatel Cask

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Distinctive soft molasses based rums distilled in modern multi-column stills. The distillery grows its own sugarcane for the production of both aguardiente and rum and also cultivates historical yeast cultures which add character and individuality.

Chiriqui rums have have been aged a second time in a Moscatel cask to give added structure to the spirit.

A nice golden tint. An intense nose of spices, vanilla, pepper and light oak notes. Backed by stone fruits and coconut aromas.

The palate is subtle, round and elegant, lightly woody which develops into spicy and refreshing peppery notes on the finish.

Uncoloured, Unchill filtered, Unsweetened

Region: Panama

Aged in Ex-Bourbon and Moscatel Casks

700ml, 40 %

  • iconDistillation: Column Still
  • iconThis Rum is Best For: Mixing / Cocktails / Sipping
  • iconFrom: Panama
  • iconRum Colour: Amber
  • iconCost: $

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