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Mezan XO Jamaica

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Small batch Jamaican Rum.

The Jamaica is a blend of rums from several distilleries. This blend allows the floral column’s distillate to marry with the higher richness and esther content of pot still rums. Each unique batch of Mezan Jamaica XO is re-casked for a certain amount of time before being bottled to encourage the flavours to melt and to improve the rum’s structure and subtlety.

Aged at its very best, this rum has a pungent nose with fresh banana and sweet spice and a surprisingly light palate that shows complex spice with hints of tobacco

Unsweetened uncoloured unchill filtered

Region: Jamaica

700ml, 40 %

  • iconDistillation: Pot and Column Still
  • iconThis Rum is Best For: Mixing / Cocktails / Sipping
  • iconFrom: Jamaica
  • iconRum Colour: Golden
  • iconCost: $$

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