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Rammstein Tequila

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This Tequila Reposado is handmade and hand-bottled especially in Mexico for RAMMSTEIN: This Tequila has been produced and aged using minimum 8 year old Blue Weber Agave. Slow cooked in traditional Mamposteria ovens. Fermented without artificial yeast and finally tropically aged in Mexico for a minimum 8 months in French oak barrels

Conserved fruit and agave aromas are paired with vanilla and caramel notes in this Reposado that is silky smooth with a sweet aftertaste. The color is bright golden yellow. The leather case is 100% handmade and laces up the back. The 260 gram, cast-iron cap features a 3D version of RAMMSTEIN’s logo.

700ml, 38%

  • iconThis Rum is Best For: Mixing / Cocktails / Sipping
  • iconFrom: Mexico
  • iconRum Colour: Golden
  • iconCost: $$$

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