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Ron Colon Salvadoreno

Ron Colon Salvadoreno Coffee Infused Over Proof

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The coffee infused Ron Colon Salvadoreno is made using bourbon coffee beans from the El Cipres region. Grown at 1700m next to El Salvador famous Santa Ana volcano.

A blend of rums from El Salvador 70% and Jamaica 30%.

6 year old column distilled rum from the distillery at Licocera Cihuatan.

The Jamaican rums are 15% unaged, and 15% aged.

Unaged pot still rums are from Worthy Park, Hampden Estate and Monymusk.

3 year old pot still rum from Jamaica aged for 3 years from Worthy Park

The El Salvador rum is a fruit forward delicate style with a light, dry finish. The addition of Jamaican pot still rums brings an earthiness and warm funk to the liquid.

The infusion of medium roasted coffee beans, and macerted for 48 hours with a high proof rum is a very robust and complex combination. Aged and unaged Jamaican Pot stills combined with El Salvador Column distilled rum and also a filtration process that is non chill filtered allowing through the coffee oils and flavour compounds.

An unusual high proof offering. Pot still Jamaican rums from very well known estates, blended with column distilled El Salvador rum.

A rum that can be sipped neat, to being used in modern cocktails. Once past the initial high abv is surprisingly good on its own.

700ml, 55.5 %

  • iconDistillation: Pot and Column Still
  • iconThis Rum is Best For: Cocktails / Sipping
  • iconFrom: El Salvador Jamaica
  • iconRum Colour: Dark
  • iconCost: $

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