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Ron Cristobal

Ron Cristobal Gran Anejo Rum

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Ron Cristóbal is a Premium rum series from the Dominican Republic, aging in the country’s tropical climate.

Ron Cristóbal Gran Añejo is an aromatic rum made from fresh sugar cane juice bottled at 40% abv.

The rum is aged in the tropical climate of the Dominican Republic for three to five years.

Nose: Sweet notes of caramel pudding and freshly baked wheat buns with a slightly green touch coming from the fresh sugarcane used.

Palate: Very mild on the palate with notes of buttered scones and brown sugar with a touch of vanilla.

700ml 40%

  • iconDistillation: Column Still
  • iconThis Rum is Best For: Mixing / Cocktails
  • iconFrom: Dominican Republic
  • iconRum Colour: Dark
  • iconCost: $

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