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Ron Cristobal

Ron Cristobal Nina

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Cristobal Nina is a premium rum blend, tropically aged for 8 to 12 years in ex bourbon casks.

Cristobal Colon, or the English translated Christopher Columbus led three ships on his first voyage west. Pinta, Santa Maria and his favourite Santa Clara. Affectionately called La Nina. Nina completed 25,000 nautical miles at the command of Columbus.  

Nose: Incredibly complex and balanced. The bouquet is sprinkled with unripe strawberries and flowery notes, rounded off by hints of fresh oak and crème brulée with a caramelized sugar top.

Palate: Lush flavors of mint chocolate and marshmallows. The finish is gentle and soft with notes of vanilla leaving a silky mouthfeel.

Dominican Republic

700ml, 40 %

  • iconDistillation: Column Still
  • iconThis Rum is Best For: Sipping
  • iconFrom: Dominican Republic
  • iconRum Colour: Dark
  • iconCost: $

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