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Rum Runners NZ

Rum Treats

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We have stock arriving regularly. Feel free to call us (021 934 644) to check lead times before ordering.

A very unique selection of 4 different flavoured rums

Companero Orange Elixir

Companero Extra Anejo

Ron Colon Salvadoreno High Proof Coffee Infused

Animal Love Vanilla


Companero Orange Elixir. A devine liqueur blended with ripe oranges and tropical coconuts

Companero Extra Anejo, a High proof rum finished in Cacao nectar barrels. A chocolate profile with no sugar. Add a mint leaf and sip. Or add into a creamy after dinner cocktail. We suggest a milk punch.

Ron Colon Salvadoreno High Proof Coffee. A blend of El Salvador rum with Jamaican rum. The Jamaican rums make up 30% of the blend and come from the very well known estates in Jamaica. The coffee is cold pressed and infused with the rum and also the rum is then cold filtered to allow all the coffee oils and rum compounds to finish together. Very unusual. The high proof is punchy on the first sip, and reduces upon the second. Something for the coffee connosieur, or espresso martini fan.

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